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SilverLeaf Insurance Group serves clients in 40 states and can provide additional liability protection that goes beyond what’s covered by homeowners liability insurance or your other insurance policies with a personal umbrella policy.

While homeowners insurance provides liability coverage, as do auto insurance, boat insurance and other policies, they may not have high enough payment amounts to completely cover a serious accident. If death or permanent injury occur or there is a total loss of an high-end vehicle or other very expensive item, the limits of your underlying coverage could be exhausted, leaving the excess legal or settlement costs to be paid out of pocket.

A high-value personal umbrella or excess liability insurance policy can provide millions of dollars of coverage. It extends the limits of the protection provided by your primary insurance policies (auto, home, renters, boat, etc.). In some cases, it can even provide coverage for events that are excluded by your other insurance.

Keep in mind that your assets could be at risk because of the actions or family members and domestic staff. A high-value umbrella policy can be written to insure you against the costs associated with claims involving your household members, even pets.