We Create Value Through Relationships


Most people know about hurricane Katrina that destroyed New Orleans in 2005, however, most do not remember Hurricane Rita, which formed a month after Katrina, hurricane Rita ripped through my hometown of Beaumont, Texas where I lived at the time. With less than two hours notice, our family left our home and possessions behind to seek safety from this Category 4 storm that was approaching the upper gulf coast. Rita packed winds in excess of 180 miles an hour and the upper East Texas Gulf Coast was devastated. Without access to any electricity or running water, our community lived under Marshall Law and we were homeless for about a month. It was through this life-changing experience that I learned the what a vital role an insurance agent would play in helping one manage and recover from a catastrophic loss in their life. You will need to have someone there to help facilitate your claim and be there to help your family as you work to recover from your loss. It was through this event that I learned to appreciate the value of what a dedicated insurance professional should be and how important it is to plan for the life's unexpected turns.

A native Texan, my wife Linda of thirty years, and our young son Christopher, choose to relocate to the great State of Arizona in 2005 to open an insurance agency for a major insurance company in the North Valley Phoenix Valley. After three years of agency ownership, I soon became the top commercial insurance agent in the Southwest Region for this national insurance company. However, I soon realized that as a captured insurance agent, representing only one insurance company, there were many limitations in the products that were available to best suit the business, professional and personal insurance needs of my diverse client base.
Therefore, Silverleaf Insurance Group (formally the Gaudio Insurance Group) was established in 2009. As an independent insurance agency, Silverleaf Insurance Group is appointed by over 50 plus national top-rated insurance companies and offers business and personal insurance lines to serve our clients nationwide. Our Agency’s success is built on a foundation that we Create Value Through Relationships. While providing World Class Service with excellent product knowledge, mutual trust and integrity.
My thirty plus years of business experience gives me a strong foundation to serve our client’s needs in a professional and ethical manner. I attribute my continued success to my ability to adapt in a continually changing working environment. I take great pride in caring for my customers, during and after a sale, and over the years I have been fortunate to establish relationships with a large customer base which I continue to build today.