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Collections Coverage

The ring of your greatgrandmother, an original painting from Aunt Silvia passed down to you has great sentimental value that cannot be replaced although SilverLeaf Insurance has collection coverage protects your valuables from all types of losses, whether you are at home or traveling abroad. Call us today to amend or add additional coverage for a high-value collection.
Our comprehensive high quality coverage for nearly all types of valuables – including
  • Jewelry - The typical per-theft dollar limit is $1K. That’s the jewelry limit for an entire claim — not a $1K limit per item. If you lose a stone, you’re not covered at all.

  • Fine Art - Whether your art collection is from a local artist, or an original Picasso, Most homeowner policies don't provide enough protection to replace stolen or damaged artwork.

  • Coins - Most homeowner insurance policies have a $200 coverage limit on money. This counts the money in your wallet, banknotes, bullion, medals, and coins. Coin collectors and those who keep cash in their home need to consider adding additional coverage. Having your collection appraised annually or bi-annually will ensure you’re buying a sufficient amount of coverage.

  • Silver & Gold -  Most homeowner policies have a limit ranging anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 for silver, gold, and pewter, including dinnerware, silverware, and anything else containing the metal. If your valuable pieces are only plated in expensive metals, this limit will suffice, but if you have solid pieces, you probably need more protection.

  • Stamps - No matter how careful you are about caring for your collection, accidents can happen. A stamp collection is a financial investment and as you would to protect anything else of value a typical policy pay out for damage less than $1,000, SilverLeaf Insurance has a policy to cover your collection.

  • Wine  - Your wine collection his a result of countless hours procuring wine from all over and we want to make sure all of that effort does not go to waste. Contact us today to learn more how we can help.